Our Team


24 Hour Services consists of talented people who helped make Structure what it is today..

Service Techs

plumber for site

Our service techs stand ready to assist you when you need in home services. Our techs are fully trained and licensed and bonded. Let us know the service you need done and we will make sure we send out our best technicians.  


Agency Phone Reps

Our phone reps stand ready to assist you with your calls. Call us today and see what amazing services we offer



Project Overseers

Our PO make sure all projects are done properly and within a certain period. When a project is finished our PO managers will give you a call to ensure that the job was done correctly


SEO Website Specialist

You likely found us online. This is in thanks to our web department that handles our search engine optimization we have increased our ways of clients finding us



If you are interested in learning how to invest or become apart of our team give us a call